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Elevation on Post | Roommate Ready

Ready for your Roommates?


Whether you’re moving in with old friends or new ones, here are 5 tips to help you make them feel at home and find your new best friends:

  1. Clear some space!

Help your new roommates out by ensuring they have adequate space for their things when they come to move in! Make sure they have room for their toiletries in the restroom, kitchen supplies and ample living room space to make sure your shared space is shared equally!

  1. Keep up with your Utilities!

Simple Bills is a great solution for managing your apartments utilities! Reach out to Simple Bills and they can walk you through the process, after your utilities have been set up!  Don’t want to go through them? You can always use Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle to transfer over the money to your roomies!

  1. Get to know each others schedules!

Knowing each other’s class schedule or work schedules can go a long way to making life easier in the apartment. Cooking, Air Conditioner temperature, where you’re dropping in Fortnite. Getting a feel for each others schedules makes life easier!   

  1. Clean by Committee!

To avoid an argument on who washed dishes last, create a chore chart and split cleaning duties evenly! Some people won’t wash dishes, but they can do a mean dumpster run. Make sure each roommate knows their designated chores and things will go a lot smoother.

  1. Quality Time!

Start an Instagram/Twitter group, group message, or Xbox Party with your roommates! Talk about shared interests and go share adventures together! You’re going to be living together, make sure you enjoy the time together!