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Elevation on Post | Ma(y)ke May Great!

Ma(y)ke May Great!


Hi! We know that while we might be cooped up inside more than usual, that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the time we have! Enjoy these tips to make this next month a productive one!


1) Take Breaks!

We understand work/ school/ etc. can get stressful! Make sure you set aside time to reflect and rebalance yourself so that you can come back and make a positive impact on your classroom, office or whatever it is that you do everyday! Play that video game you've been saving, take a YouTube Deep Dive, Take a Walk. Make sure you set aside time for yourself!

2) Exercise From Home!

With gyms closed, it can be a bit difficult to get workouts in from home! But often, all you need is some nice soft carpet (like we have) and a little music! Throw in some earbuds, do some body weight squats, pushups, sit ups, just anything to get your blood pumping! Science has shown that exercise has a positive effect on mood, so make sure to take some time to stay fit!

3) Stay Organized

With all the time at home, it can get a bit overwhelming having to manage school in the same space that you go to relax. Use this time to create an organization system that you can implement to keep track of everything. Got assignments due? Use a notepad left on your desk to note days and times! Make notes in your laptop for due dates and set reminders when they're due to allow yourself time to plan!

4) Stay Connected

Facetime, Google Hangouts, Houseparty. There are all kinds of apps that help you stay connected and now is the best time to use them! Set up game nights for friends and family to stay connected and fill them in on your days! Follow your favorite restaurants on social media to find out all their deals and keep attending Elevation Live Events to continue to win things! 


That does it for our tips for May! We hope these help and know that you will continue to make May a great month of 2020!