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Elevation on Post | Cozy November

October has come and gone and here at Elevation On Post we are feeling “Spooked-out”! It is time to cozy up and practice the Danish lifestyle of “Hygge”.

Hygge (pronounced HEW-guh) is a concept that does not translate into a single English word. It expresses a sense of contentment in everyday, simple pleasures. Things like being curled up inside with a warm cup of coffee and a good book, or something like splashing your feet in the puddles after an afternoon shower.

Here are 5 ways to embrace the Hygge lifestyle:

  1. Candles!
    1. A couple of cozy candles around the living room instead of electric lights gives your space a warm glow that simply feels more natural and soothing.
    2. The scent of a candle can go a long way in enhancing your experience too! Lavender scents are calming and great when you need to wind down. Fresh linen scents help brighten a room, make everything feel clean, and light.
  1. Pillows and Blankets!

.              No one is too old for a big fluffy blanket and a mountain of pillows! As the weather gets colder, indulge yourself with a blanket cocoon or a pillow fort.

a.            Our favorite materials are cotton and faux fur!

  1. Comfort Foods!

.              A super simple snack or meal that makes you feel good is an instant day brightener! As this lifestyle is all about enjoying the simple things take some time to slowly eat your food savoring the taste and thinking about why you like it so much.

a.            You could even share this meal with friends and make it a group event!

  1. Warm Beverages!

.              Hot or warm drinks demand that you slowly consume them. Take 5 minutes to sit and sip on tea, coco, or coffee. Let your mind wander or try to focus on the cooling blows, the tentative sips, and the warm spread in your stomach.

a.                   We personally recommend doing this with the beverages from our free Starbucks machine in the leasing office.

  1. Take a Nature Walk!

.              Getting out into the fresh air and actively sensing nature is a great way to ground yourself and relish all the simple things you might never give a passing thought.

a.            We personally enjoy going on a “color walk”. Your try to locate one object of every color of the rainbow. Remember to “take only pictures and leave only footprints!”’

We hope your November is calm and cozy!