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Elevation on Post | Cool Summer Treats

Cool Treats for a Cool Summer!

We are feeling Hot, Hot, HOT!

Here at Elevation on Post we are more than trilled to be out lounging by the pool soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D! While you are out enjoying the sun’s warm rays be sure not to forget your taste buds and how much they love a cool refresher. Below are some ideas to stay cool this summer!

· Elevate Your Water!

o Cut up some pieces of your favorite fruit and add and herb or two to get that extra Zing! in your everyday water!

o Mudde some mint leaves and tossing in some strawberry slices to get a nice sweet touch in your H2O.

· Make Mini Fruit Pops! - Who has a popsicle tray just laying around the house? Make cool ice cubes by using pieces of fruit and with different shapes!

o Take your favorite fruit (frozen) blend it up with a can of coconut milk and add a sweetener to your liking! Once everything is all mixed just pour it in to the ice tray and freeze!

· Try Some Homemade Frozen Yogurt! o This recipe from the Cookie and Kate blog is one of our GO TOs! With 5 simple ingredients and 4 simple steps you can go wrong with this creamy goodness! Plus, it is always such a beautiful hue of purple. Such as minimum effort dessert that always impresses is perfect for friend hangouts!

· Enjoy a Frozen Banana Pop! o Cold bananas with chocolate is heaven to our taste buds! Try this amazing simple step by step from Epicurious! You can completely customize this sweet treat with any topping you heart desires. What could be better than a personalized snack!

After trying one or all of these treats your mouth and stomach will thank you! These easy tricks keep you not only feeling cool but looking cool too! Get out there and soak in the fun!